Vision, National Reach and Best-of-Breed Solutions.

Top reasons why you should choose NYLX:

  • Accuracy
    NYLX Quality Control resources and dedicated staff test all processes to ensure the highest levels of accuracy and timeliness related to the data and information we manage through our applications.
  • Best-of-Breed Technology
    Users leverage NYLX proprietary technology for the speed, flexibility and accuracy, and our customers reap the benefits of no IT staff overhead. We employ the latest approaches in "cloud computing" to maximize application response time and easily scale functionality
  • Integrity
    NYLX policies, corporate guidelines and secure technology protect our customers and partners from inappropriate disclosure of private and confidential information. Our commitment to compliance aligns with our customers' need to address their own highly regulated environments. The protection and integrity of the data and information used within our applications is a top NYLX priority.
  • Breadth
    NYLX maintains a real-time database of mortgage programs and associated risk-based adjusters, rates and prices from local, regional and national lending institutions.
  • Speed of Change
    NYLX information management incorporates people, process and technology to monitor data sources for changes and updates. Continuous monitoring and change management procedures ensure our applications are kept up-to-date. System dashboards keep users informed in real-time as changes occur.
  • Knowledge and Support
    NYLX has a unique service and support model that includes pre-sales consulting, a 7 step fully documented implementation process, and ongoing relationship management support. Our support team has years of industry experience and provides best practice recommendations to enhance customer value.
  • Flexibility
    All NYLX solutions can be customized to align with a variety of business models and internal workflows. Our goal is to evolve with you as your business changes!
  • Relationships
    NYLX has built a network of partnerships with numerous information and technology providers in the mortgage industry, expanding value for the customers we serve.

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